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At Maddock Industries we know that ongoing professional training and development is the variable most critical to competition in the Information Age. We have extraordinary employees that were made extraordinary through training.

Here are eight good reasons to pursue e-learning for professional development:

  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient
  • Consistent
  • Current
  • Specific
  • Self-paces
  • Private
  • Computer Literate

The following institutions provide a number of online courses that are eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for the professional engineer.

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Engineering Resources

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pumpd.jpg (15327 bytes)
Pump Handbook, 3rd Edition
Igor J. Karassik, Joseph P. Messina, Paul Cooper and Charles C. Heald

Newly revised, and bringing together the resources of international experts, this job-critical guide is the one and only guide to the design, application, specification, purchase, operation, and maintenance of pumps of all kinds. Covering everything from advanced seals to basic design paradigms, the Pump Handbook takes you through all the latest developments in pump technologies.

ISBN : 0070340323
C 2001 | 3rd Edition | 1765 pages , Hardcover , 6 x 9

Price: $125.95 US

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hvacd.jpg (21410 bytes)
HVAC Equations, Data, and Rules of Thumb

by Arthur Bell

Instant HVAC Answers HVAC Equations, Data, and Rules of Thumb Arthur Bell's handy and well-organized guide is the most complete, most job-critical reference book on the most frequently used HVAC design data. If you?re involved in HVAC--whether as a technician repairing a system, an architect working around a system, or a design engineer designing a new system--you can trust this one-of-a-kind source for fast solutions to specific problems.

ISBN : 0071361294
C 2000 | 1st Edition | 576 pages , Hardcover , 6 x 9
Price: $60.95 US

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aird.jpg (18591 bytes)
Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
by Shan Wang

A handbook that provides practical and updated material on air conditioning and refrigeration systems, produced by an author with over 50 years experience as a practicing engineer under his belt. Whether you?re an HVAC or mechanical engineer, technician, or student, providing an effective controlled environment through air conditioning and refrigeration technology is now within reach.

ISBN : 0070681678
C 2001 | 2nd Edition | 1232 pages , Hardcover , 7 3/8 x9 1/4

Price: $100.95 US

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emotors.gif (5980 bytes)
Handbook of Small Electric Motors
by William Yeadon

A compendium of expert information on today's designs, methods, and materials--Get up to speed on the latest design and manufacturing tools and techniques with this expert guide from leaders of the motor industry. A superb source of innovative, productivity- and profit-increasing solutions, Handbook of Small Electric Motors gives you more help with selection, calculation, assembly methods, and on-the-spot data than you can find anywhere else.

ISBN : 007072332X
C 2001 | 1st Edition | 1040 pages , Hardcover , 6 x 9
Price: $125.95 US

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fand.gif (26584 bytes)
Fan Handbook: Selection, Application, and Design
by Frank P. Bleier

Here is the first comprehensive guide to all aspects of modern fan technology. The book takes you through the design, selection, maintenance, and repair of fans used in a wide range of applications and industries, including airfoils...centrifugal fans...mixed-flow fans...roof ventilators...cross-flow blowers...regenerative blowers... and more.

ISBN : 0070059330
C 1998 | 1st Edition | 640 pages , Hardcover , 6 x 9
Price: $90.95 US

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ecmd.gif (6221 bytes)
EC&M's Electrical Calculations Handbook
by John M. Paschal, Jr.

Here are all the most frequently used electrical calculations - worked out and simplified - in an instant-access, consult-it-on-the-job format. This source offers all the essential calculations every electrical professional needs to properly design, install, and maintain electrical equipment, from wiring and circuits, to batteries and generators. This handy guide combines the expertise of two of the industry's most respected names: McGraw-Hill and EC&M (Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine) - the premiere magazine for electrical design, construction, and maintenance.

ISBN : 0071360956
C 2001 | 1st Edition | 435 pages , Softcover , 5 7/8 x 8 1/4
Price: $55.95 US

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pphd.gif (5958 bytes)
Plastic Piping Handbook
by David Willoughby

Featuring new inspection, test, and leak detection procedures, codes, and standards Written by expert David Willoughby, a 20-year veteran in the field, Plastic Piping Handbook is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive guide to the durable, economical piping solution used today in 90 percent of low-pressure liquid and natural gas installations.

ISBN : 0071359567
C 2001 | 1st Edition | 750 pages , Hardcover
Price: $100.95 US

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pmcd.gif (5510 bytes)
Project Management in Construction, 3/e
by Sidney M. Levy

This idea-packed book shows how to make construction contacting profitable every time, and virtually hassle-free. Helps with every aspect of the job, from writing initial contracts to complying with OSHA regulations. Newly updated with the latest developments in claims and dispute resolution, design-build strategies - plus AIA contract revisions and OSHA safety regulations changes.

ISBN : 0071342303
C 2000 | 3rd Edition | 352 pages , Hardcover , 6 x 9
Price: $65.95 US

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bschd.gif (6981 bytes)
Building Design and Construction Handbook, 6th Edition
by Frederick S. Merritt and Jonathan T. Ricketts

A where-would-you-be-without-it handbook covering every single important step in building design and construction. Now updated to include key changes in design and construction practices. Surveys materials, structures, soil mechanics and foundations, building type, hardware, insulation, acoustics, plumbing, and more - all the material that will help architects, engineers, contractors, and others work better, faster, smarter.

ISBN : 007041999X
C 2001 | 6th Edition | 1600 pages , Softcover
Price: $115.95 US

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