Armstrong SMART Start-up

In the life of an HVAC system, changing components can be difficult because of discontinuity in data. Armstrong SMART Start-up facilitates change management through easy access to reliable pump data for faster support.

SMART Start-up ensures that an Armstrong Design Envelope certified technician like Maddock Industries completes a sequence of detailed equipment checks and connects the Design Envelope pump to Pump Manager.

Design Value

SMART Start-up validates the design and selection of the Armstrong pumps during start-up

Installation Value

SMART Start-up ensures expert attention at start-up plus real-time performance data, alarms and alerts help identify and resolve issues.

Operation Value

SMART Start-up ensures expert sequencing of start-up protocols extends equipment life and gives you peace of mind.

Proper asset management is an important responsibility for Facility Managers. Pump Manager functions as a complete asset management solution, with real-time insights into flow and performance dashboard data to confirm savings.

Key Benefits

  • SMART Start-Up ensures that pumps and related equipment are optimized for site load conditions from the first day of operation
  • Maximum operating efficiency from day one — savings of up to 30% of pumping energy
  • Data insights inform actions that reduce performance drift
  • Professional commissioning minimizes call-backs and requests for re-commissioning

Key Features

  • Confirms that the equipment is properly powered and ready for operation 
  • Ensures the connection to Pump Manager 
  • Latest firmware and software updates are installed 
  • The equipment is checked for leaks, noise, alarms and vibration 
  • Ensures proper bleeding of air 
  • Confirms link to the Building Automation System, if one exists at the time of start-up 
  • A comprehensive start-up report 

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