Century-Line™ Sleeves for Wall Penetrations



Century-Line™ Pipe Penetration Sleeves are used to create circular sleeved holes in concrete poured barriers including walls, floors, ceilings, structural supports and tank footings. Molded from non-conductive, high-impact resistant HDPE, Century-Line™ sleeves are lightweight and easily installed by one construction worker. In the event of a field or engineering change, sleeves may be cut shorter at the job site using ordinary hand tools. Century-Line™ sleeves are easy to stock and far less expensive to ship than steel sleeves.

Features & Benefits

  • 1/8 the weight of steel Resists water migration.
  • Resists water migration.
  • Adjusts to wall thickness.
  • Nailer end caps position sleeve precisely in form.
  • Tough high density polyethylene (HDPE) construction.
  • Used for shotcrete wall applications.
  • Nesting of sleeves.

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Weight N/A
I.D (inches)

1.98, 2.94, 3.38, 4.03, 5.14, 6.14, 8.21, 10.19, 12.26, 14.14, 16.18, 17.45, 19.12, 20.32, 22.76, 24.81


CS-2, CS-3, CS-3-1/2, CS-4, CS-5, CS-6, CS-8, CS-10, CS-12, CS-14, C-16, CS-18, CS-20, CS-22, CS-24, CS-25