Armstrong Design Envelope Fire Pump

Maddock Industries proudly presents Armstrong Fluid Technology’s line of fire pump systems, designed to deliver superior fire protection solutions.

Our range includes a variety of models to meet the specific needs of your facilities.

Product Range

Design Envelope Fire Pump
  • Variable speed unit that integrates pump, driver, and control system
  • Self-regulating to maintain set pressure efficiently, reducing installation costs
  • Designed according to NFPA 20 – 2022 Edition, ideal for applications like warehouses, data centers and high-rise buildings
Armstrong FirePak Horizontal Split Case
FireSet End Suction Diesel & Electric Pumps
  • Robust bearing frame ensures long and reliable service
  • Over-hung impeller design
  • Available in both diesel and electric configurations
FirePak Horizontal Split Case Diesel & Electric Pumps
  • Tilted parting design with the casing split at a 15° angle for optimal performance
  • High-efficiency models available in various sizes to accommodate different flow rates and pressures
FirePak Vertical In-Line Pumps
  • Space-saving design ideal for installations with limited room
  • Simple installation and maintenance with top pull-out design
Armstrong FirePak Vertical In-Line
FireSet Vertical Turbine Diesel & Electric Pumps
  • Designed for various types of water supplies (wells, reservoirs above or below ground, ponds, streams, storage tanks above or below ground)
  • Available in multiple configurations to ensure fit and optimal function

Features & Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency: Armstrong fire pumps are engineered for maximum energy efficiency, reducing operational costs
  • Advanced Monitoring: equipped with cutting-edge sensors and controllers for real-time performance tracking and diagnostics
  • Reliability & Durability: built to the highest standards, these pumps ensure reliability and longevity under demanding conditions
  • Compliance & Certifications: all models are fully compliant with NFPA 20, UL, and FM standards to meet stringent safety requirements


Suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential complexes to industrial facilities, Armstrong fire pumps provide peace of mind through enhanced fire safety.

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