NuTech Hydronic Specialty Products is a manufacturer of system balancing valves for hydronic heating and chilled water applications. Maddock Industries offers manual and automatic balancing valves as well as coil hook-up assemblies from NuTech’s product line.

Let the hydronics experts at Maddock Industries demonstrate how NuTech can protect your hydronic investments and ensure maximum quality, performance, and efficiency of your projects.

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NuTech Hydronic Specialty Products


Automatic Balancing Valves
.50″ – 12.0″

NuTech Automatic Balancing Valves are designed to maintain constant fluid flows regardless of pressure fluctuations due to load changes or system modifications. They offer cost saving at the time of installation and over the life of the system by reducing balancing cost and lower head requirements.

Manual Balancing Valves
0.50″ – 16.0″

NuTech Manual Balancing Valves feature a low loss venturi section with dual readout ports. The design ensures significant energy savings as compared to typical circuit setters. They are ± 3% accurate and are available to read flows down to 0.1 GPM. Valves are easy to use and require no special balancing valve calculator.

Coil Hook-Up Assemblies

NuTech Coil Hook-Up Assemblies, or Coil Connection Kits (CCKs), are engineered package systems designed to eliminate on site confusion, reduce installation time and save cost. CCKs are assembled, tested, bagged, tagged, and boxed to your specific requirements. CCKs may include balancing valves, Wye strainer, ball valves, temperature control valves, hoses, and accessories.

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