PEP Filters

PEP Filters is a water filtration company that provides fine filtration solutions for industrial cooling, process water treatment, and commercial HVAC cooling tower applications.

PEP Filters specializes in providing customers with fine filtration solutions to the industrial, commercial, municipal and O&G industries.

Maddock Industries offers PEP Filters’ sediment filtration for cooling tower systems, helping to maximize customer manufacturing uptime while minimizing customer water consumption, power usage, wastewater treatment disposal and labor costs.

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Cooling Tower Filtration

Cooling tower bleed-off/blowdown occurs periodically throughout the day to remove high concentrations of mineralized water from the tower due to evaporation. Scale formation occurs if the concentration of minerals in a cooling tower increases to a level higher than the saturation point of the system water. The mineral content above the saturation point will fall out of the solution of the water and form hard mineral scale throughout the system.

By incorporating a PEP Filtration system into a cooling tower, you can prevent scale and mineralization build-up within the tower by keeping dissolved solids and minerals in solution longer. As an added benefit, less chemicals and energy costs will be required to maintain the tower’s performance.

Products & Technologies

Media Filters

Media filters are the go-to technology for the majority of cooling tower applications. PEP Filters’ pre-engineered systems filter down to ≤5 microns and the optional extended side-shell designs can filter down to 0.5 microns.

Disc Filters

PEP Filters’ disc filtration systems feature filtration degree options from 20-400 microns, offering a variety of vertical or horizontal configurations to meet challenging applications. For HVAC applications, PEP’s standard designed systems are based on flow rates at 55 microns.

Screen Filters

PEP Filters’ pre-engineered skid mounted self-cleaning screen filtration solutions provide a compact filtration package from 10-1,500 microns. Screen filters should be considered when a centrifugal separator does not provide enough protection and a media filter takes up too much space and uses too much water per flush.

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