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Maddock Industries represents Flex-Weld who is a leader in the design and fabrication of expansion joints and pump connectors as well as special metal hose fabrication and pipe alignment guides.

Working across a variety of industries, Flex-Weld offers cost-effective, high-performance, fundamental custom components for industrial equipment and unique assembly challenges.

Let the hydronics experts at Maddock Industries determine if Flex-Weld products are right for your applications.

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Expansion Joints

Expansion joints, also known as movement joints, are designed to absorb heat-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials, absorb vibration, and hold parts together.

Flex-Weld offers the following expansion joint models:
Expansion Joint

  • 308/311 Series Expansion Joints: a wide variety of end configurations are available and pressure ratings range from vacuum to 600 PSI at room temperature
  • 30MC Series Expansion Joints: single and multi-ply designs available; designed for low-pressure applications
  • 3150 Expansion Joint: designed to meet applications that require pressure ratings up to 150 PSI in a compact length
  • Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints: 150# and 300# pressure designs; maintenance-free and ready for direct encasement
  • Rubber Expansion Joints: available in sphere type or wide-arch; single, twin or reducing configurations

Pump Connectors

Pump ConnectorPump Connectors are designed to compensate for multi-plane axial, lateral and angular movement in non-torsional applications.

Pump connector features include:

  • Maximum vibration absorption
  • Advanced cycle life
  • Soft spring rate
  • Ease of installation and maximum safety
  • Available in 100% stainless steel

Pipe Alignment Guides

Flex-Weld pipe guides are designed to ensure positive pipe alignment by restricting lateral pipe movement while allowing for movement along the axis of the pipe.

Pipe Guide

Pipe alignment guide features include:

  • Constructed of carbon steel and coated for protection
  • Spider-housing design ensures positive pipe alignment, protecting pipe, expansion devices, and mechanical equipment
  • Bolted, split-housing construction designed for easy assembly
  • Axial movement selection specific to application requirements
  • Pre-insulated models match insulated system piping to reduce time and labor on the job

Special Metal Hose Fabrication

Flex-Weld hose assemblies are made to order with the following options: overall length, double braid for higher pressure needs and a variety of end fitting types including Groove or Weld ends. Contact us for a quote on custom sizing as required by your project.
Hose Assembly

  • Braided hose assemblies are manufactured from 300 Series stainless steel annular corrugated metal hose surrounded with a 300 Series wire braid of high tensile stainless steel
  • Heat pump and water hoses are available in steel, stainless, and aluminum Braided hose

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