Bernardin Manor is an assisted living facility in Chicago. With the help of Maddock Industries, Armstrong approached the building managers with a proposal to upgrade existing constant speed pumps with new Design Envelope Tango pumps. Working under a tight deadline, the retrofit project was finalized before the start of the heating season. The three new, properly sized, Design Envelope Tango pumps are operating much more efficiently than the original pumps. Energy savings from the pump retrofit will be over $4,000 per year.

DEMC Technology

Armstrong’s DEMC technology maps each individual pump’s hydraulic, motor and inverter variations at the factory, to achieve exceptional accuracy throughout the flow range. With this calibration, Armstrong Design Envelope pumps also serve as flow meters, providing reliable system flow data (+/- 5%). The testing ensures optimal performance efficiency at start-up, and Armstrong’s Pump Manager helps maintain and extend efficiency throughout the pump’s operating life.

Key Outcomes

  • Over $4,000 in energy savings annually
  • Versatility of the pump control to accommodate HVAC system demand
  • Energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Easy access to pump operating data showing flow, head, power usage and RPM
  • Constant data-logging and performance monitoring

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