Step 1

Position the two halves of the flange adapter onto the groove in the valve body end(s), making sure that the tab on each flange adapter half is located between the two locking lugs on the valve body (Fig. 1A).

Fig. 1A

Step 2

Insert the two plastic Positioning Sleeves (enclosed in the box with the flanges) (Fig. 1B). The Positioning Sleeves will hold the flange halves together helping to facilitate joining to the mating flange(s).

Fig. 1B

Step 3

Apply silicon sealer/lubricant to the inner and outer diameters of the flange kit gasket, and press the gasket onto the valve body end. Ensure that the open end of the gasket is facing AWAY from the valve body (Fig. 1C).

Fig. 1C

Step 4

When in place, the gasket will be seated and flush with the valve body ends. NOTE: Care should be taken to ensure that the gasket is not pinched or bent between the flanges (Fig. 1D).

Fig. 1D

Step 5

Position the assembly on the mating flange and install all flange bolts, being sure to remove Positioning Sleeves (Fig. 1E) Tighten all bolts evenly as for a standard flange assembly. The gasket face of the Armgrip flange should squarely contact the face of the mating flange. When used with a “raised face” flange, there will be a gap between the faces on the outer flange diameters.

Fig. 1E

Note: Armgrip™ flange adapter gaskets are NOT interchangeable with other flange adapters.