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Maddock Industries represents Airthings, the world’s leading radon and indoor air quality monitors. Let the hydronics experts at Maddock Industries determine if Airthings Space Pro is the right air quality monitor for your applications.
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According to WHO guidelines 90% of people in the world breathe unsafe air. With Space Pro, you can keep your people safe from air pollutants:

  • Radon: lower your exposure to this cancer-causing gas found in all buildings and homes
  • Particulate Matter: irritates lungs, agitates preexisting conditions and causes heart attacks and cancer
  • Carbon Dioxide: induces drowsiness that adversely affects decision-making and productivity
  • Humidity: monitor humidity to prevent mold, dust mites, skin irritations, and the spread of viruses
  • Temperature: keep an eye on temperature to improve comfort and productivity
  • Airborne chemicals (VOCs): airborne chemicals from aerosols cause negative health effects
  • Pressure: affects radon levels, can cause headaches, joint pain, and fatigue

When there’s so much out of your control—pollution, asthma, allergies, wildfire, viruses—you have more control than you think when it comes to indoor air quality with Space Pro. Airthings Space Pro is battery operated (or powered by USB), is wireless and WiFi connected, includes a customizable display, app (iOS/Android) and online dashboard with full data and reporting.

When you know what’s in the air you breathe, small changes make a big difference.

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Product Highlights

  • Calm Tech Display: customizable display and wave function to view pollutants with simple color coding
  • Power Usage: power save mode for battery lifetime up to 2 years, or plug in with USB
  • Hub Functionality: use Space Pro as a Hub and expand your system and bring additional monitors online
  • Wireless: WiFi-connected and battery operated (battery lifetime up to 2 years) or plug in with
  • App / Dashboard: provides reporting with graphs, notifications and insights
  • Smart Home Integration: connect with your smart home using IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Easy to Use: intuitive design with batteries included for quick and simple setup

RESET Certified

RESET Air is the standard created for monitoring building air quality. There are two subcategories buildings can apply to for accreditation: Commercial Interiors, which focuses on indoor air quality and is where Airthings is RESET-certified, and Core & Shell, which focuses on the building’s HVAC system.

RESET has three main specifications that they require for accreditation. The first requirement is correctly planning to install RESET-approved sensors for monitoring air quality. The Airthings Space Pro for Business solution is one of these RESET approved sensors.

Secondly, RESET needs you to ensure proper installation and calibration to ensure the data is trusted, which Maddock can facilitate.

And finally, they have specific reporting and platform requirements.

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