Airthings Space CO₂ Mini


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Space CO₂ Mini is offered in a 4-pack. For each quantity ordered, you will get one pack of 4.

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Space CO₂ Mini is the discreet answer to increasing focus and regulations on CO₂ monitoring in schools, public buildings and offices. Offered in a 4-pack, Space CO₂ Mini helps cover more spaces in your building, ensuring optimal ventilation and energy usage.

Features & Benefits:

  • Wireless with up to 10 years or more battery lifetime
  • Sensors: CO₂, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, Noise, Light (lux)
  • Virtual sensors included: Virus Risk
  • Battery life depends on sensor on/off/ interval settings and building settings – office hours. More than 10 years with noise off or alternative office hours set (i.e 7AM- 5PM Mon-Fri). Product has more than 5 years battery life regardless of settings

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